blog is dead, facebook group is dead. what's next? I hope we do come out with something as soon as possible. finding time to actually discuss things but after all, we're still PenangLang. talk big but no action. HAHA!

I suggest that we actually come up with new post for committees now. post that we're all suitable to be in and, able to work well with each other. maybe the post we're now studying as a profession to attribute to his group. for example graphic/design/advertising: I've already found someone! :)

hopefully all of you will read this especially the committees! time to DO SOMETHING! that's all.



meL said...

ahem ahemm! u found someone d hor, good good. then i can choose another post d. =p yeahh. totally agree with you. we have our little of the littlest hoyo? meeting this friday okay? since we're hanging out. =)