blog is dead, facebook group is dead. what's next? I hope we do come out with something as soon as possible. finding time to actually discuss things but after all, we're still PenangLang. talk big but no action. HAHA!

I suggest that we actually come up with new post for committees now. post that we're all suitable to be in and, able to work well with each other. maybe the post we're now studying as a profession to attribute to his group. for example graphic/design/advertising: I've already found someone! :)

hopefully all of you will read this especially the committees! time to DO SOMETHING! that's all.


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Blessed New Year 2010!

just random pics drew last year(2009) but hadn't had time to upload.heh.
they are just SKETCHES.without real measurements.

enjoy your new year!

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something to cheer you guys up! hoyo?

sorry for the lack of updates. we're still waiting for our meeting to come to pass then we'll have more news to tell you guys about. at the time being, please bare with us for awhile and enjoy watching these videos! it was taken during last year's Christmas Presentation (2008) while waiting for our turns to perform. planning for episode 2 this year with a longer storyline with plot! so have fun and remember to hoyo? more! :D

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some hoyo?-ness

we were suppose to be out studying!

then vic and matt are waiting to see who the president going to choose

he's confuse about who to choose

he decided it's matt!

he started getting aggresive

matt was speechless

*points at vic* ~ that fella's too tall for me

vic: so that's the reason why you doesn't want me?

vic & neil: he's mine!
matt: I'm neither both of you!

stay tune for more hoyo? moments from our very own club! will be more coming soon right after our meeting!

P/s..none of the above incident were real =)

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we're not died!

as you can see, our progress in kinda slow lately due to our committees who are busy with exams and assignments. nevertheless, we're still progressing little by little and we're still waiting for our president's address as well as our mission statement.

here's some of the good news:-
1. we've a few designed logo for our T-shirts by Melissa and Kon Way
2. we'll have a meeting soon after our vice-chair (SH) finishes her exam
3. we'll have our first hoyo? outing on the way
4. we're planning on our hoyo? Christmas event party for everyone!
5. we're planning to have a hoyo? camp too (to be confirm where and when)

stay tune for more hoyo? moments and all the best to those who are sitting for exam! may wisdom, guidance and knowledge from the Lord be with all of you!

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sorry for keep you wondering what we're up to now. we're yet to have a hoyo? meeting soon so that we can actually come out with our mission statement! if not 'tak ada hala tuju' that time we really hoyo? already this time.

for the time being, please feel free to check out from our very own president Neil, hoyo? album he posted up in Facebook a year ago. check it out and stay tunes for more hoyo? moments!

Neil's hoyo? pictures

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committee members

President : Neil

Vice-President : Shir Hoay

Sexytary : Chia-Ming

Treasurer : Melvin

Exco : Melissa

Exco : Aaron

Multimedia : Ben

there will be more coming soon! probably designing team and event organizer. so stay tune for more updates and do drop by once in awhile to check out on us. upcoming update would be on our logo design, badges and T-shirts! (hope it'll turn out to be a success). so cheers and remember to hoyo? more!

P/s: was thinking of letting Chia-Ming being in charge of KL's hoyo? ;)

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decision is final!

because we have a tie in Vice-Chair's post, hoyo? decided to extend the voting for another 2 more days! for the time being, here are the position holders:-

Sexytary - James Low Chia-Ming
Treasurer - Melvin Teoh
Exco Members - Aaron Khoo & Melissa Tan

pictures will be uploaded soon! sorry for the late updates and delays. til' then, hoyo?

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upcoming post

will update when the results is announce this Thursday! it'll be pictures of our committee and hopefully some hoyo? pictures. do send to me if you have any of their hoyo?/lawak pictures :)

any request or any inquiries you wanna make to hoyo?, feel free to message us at hoyo4ever@gmail.com

stay tune and stay hoyo?

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the votings are here! (revised!)

voting will end on 24th of September. so, choose your votes wisely and may the best person wins! last but not least, hoyo?


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